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Wonderful People And Books


There really is no mystery!
Your development toward becoming the best possible you depends on just two key things: (in no particular order) 

The Books You Read                The People You Associate With
You will find that these two important aspects of your life are
linked very closely together.

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personal growth and development

For example, when you read books by certain writers, you could find that you want to get to know more about them. This could include getting to know them personally and perhaps even working with them.

You will also discover that like-minded people want to help each other by sharing what they have learned. They are often bursting to tell you about what books and other learning materials they have
found beneficial.

Personal development in tag cloudAs people develop their own awareness and become more and more successful, the one thing they tend to have in common with each other, is the wish to share their good fortune and help others along the way.

It really is quite amazing just how beneficial it can be to simply be in the company of those who share your wish for continuing personal growth and development.

It is not for nothing that Napoleon Hill recommends the mastermind
principle so highly.

personal development When we get together with other seekers, the whole genuinely does become greater than the sum of the parts.

Of course, nowadays, getting together need not necessarily mean meeting physically in the same location.

Meeting face to face is generally the best way, but groups can get
together by phone and internet to great positive effect.
This makes it possible for each of us to have far greater numbers
of friends and associates than was the case in the days before such
simple mass communication.

I will be delighted and fascinated to learn what you think!

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