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Personal Development Skills

Whatever skills might be needed on the road to personal growth andJV BW2
development, the two most valuable are those most of us take for
granted, namely: – Reading and Writing

What you read already has a profound effect on the direction and
rate of your progress, while writing can be used in many ways to
modify your own behaviour and that of others.

fingers holding fountain pen

Write for progress

Why should the behaviour of others be relevant to our own

I learned many years ago that one of the most powerful ways to
improve one’s own knowledge of a subject, was to teach it to others.
Sharing ideas, techniques and knowledge can be spectacularly successful, for both the teacher and the student.

The most interesting aspect of this for me, is that whatever stage
your are currently at, there is almost certainly someone somewhere
who can benefit from what you already know.


fire of learning

Learning to read and write more effectively can be of enormous
benefit, wherever we happen to be at the moment.

With regard to reading, my own quest is to increase the speed at which I can read and absorb useful and valuable information.
The same is not true of the reading I do for pure pleasure, so one really useful skill is to be able employ different techniques for different types of material.

As for writing, the mental exercises involved in improving our
levels of written communication will never cease to be of value.
Even the greatest writers will admit to a never-ending search for
‘the perfect turn of phrase’.

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