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Set Personal Development Goals And Be Your Best

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Sometimes it is hard to believe that we, as humans, are just about the perfect goal seeking machine.

No other animal or device has the abilities and opportunities that we make the mistake of taking for granted.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to watch the staggering improvements which take place when someone’s awareness is awakened.

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That simple word ‘awareness’ holds the key to our being and doing all that we are capable of.

I wonder why so much of our ability and capacity for success seems to be hidden? Tiny children really do believe that they can achieve anything, but in real life, our ‘education system’ soon knocks this out of them.

What Is The Answer

To my mind, the answer lies in a complete misinterpretation of the word education. Probably 90% + of people would tell you that to educate means to fill up with information and knowledge.

The truth is just about the exact opposite; the more we learn about the universe, and us as individuals within it, the more we understand that what we need is already within us.

To truly ‘educate’ is to draw out of us (and so make us aware of) the in-born power and capabilities we all possess.

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fire of learning

Once we embark on this journey toward self-awareness, we soon come to appreciate that it is the most exciting and important ‘work’ we could ever be involved in.

I never cease to be amazed by the number of stories I have come across, in which one person or another does something which to all intents and purposes should have been deemed impossible.

One spectacular example

This story involves a lady of over sixty years of age. She was minding her grandson, when her car moved unintentionally and trapped him underneath it.

Without thinking, she took hold of a corner of the car, lifted it and freed him.

Initially, she would not be interviewed on the subject. When finally, she agreed to speak to a persistent reporter, she refused to express any pride in what she had achieved. Instead, she was deeply concerned about how many opportunities she might have missed, simply by believing certain things are impossible.

life goals mindmap

life goals mindmap

Just what could you achieve, if the little voice inside you did not keep on telling you that “you could not possibly do that”?
The more I learn, the more I come to believe that if the wish to do something – whatever it is – is inside you, then the capability to do it is probably in there as well.

It could well be that this ability is very deep inside and might take a huge amount of effort bring forth. When the desire is strong enough, then true  endeavour and persistence will not allow you to be beaten.

Why not choose something you have always wanted to do and work on a plan to do it?
You may well need to be particularly bold to get started, but as the German writer Goethe said “boldness has genius power and magic in it”.

I would just love to know what you think.

Please leave any questions, comments, opinions or ideas in the box below.


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