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Personal Goal Examples For High-voltage Development

Use Personal Goal Examples For High-voltage Development

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Once we begin to understand the importance of setting and achieving goals, it is time to decide just what type of goals to set.

Initially, the idea is simply to be better today, than yesterday, in
whatever aspect we choose.
Following certain personal goal examples can keep you moving in the right direction. Ideally, this should be taking you closer to the future you want for yourself.

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personal growth and development

The process of successfully pursuing goals can be of benefit in
just about every aspect of life, so it is quite a challenge to select some which will serve as illustrations of what I mean.
Physical Fitness Goals
Becoming – and remaining – fit and healthy, is an essential part of
personal development for everyone.
This should never mean competing or comparing yourself with others.
No. We should continually compete only with ourselves, so that the current self is an improvement on yesterday’s.
Making consistent tiny adjustments and improvements should be the name of the game.

Thinking personal development

It is a given that all development begins in thoughts. The way we think about what we are doing has a huge impact on our results. Here is a simple personal development goal example which has worked really well for me.what-do-u-think-300x139

Gradually Increasing Running Distance
I need to run – albeit extremely slowly – to feel good about my
physical condition. I am not a natural athlete and did not discover
this need to run until I was about 60 years old.

After four or five years, I can comfortably manage between 5 and 10 miles.

During my earlier training sessions, I stumbled upon an interesting way of thinking about adding some extra distance. My local park has a beautiful oval pathway measuring around 750 yards. Each time I wanted to add an extra lap, (approximately every two weeks or so), then I would  ‘Do The Extra Lap First’. 

Having done that, it was easy to remember that I had comfortably
completed last week’s laps without a problem.
So, instead of running (for example) five laps, all the time
wondering if I would successfully complete my sixth, after the
first – extra – lap, I was confident, remembering my successes from last week.

I do not really know why, but my ‘go the extra mile first’ strategy
really works for me.
I have since discovered that the same thought process can help
whenever I need the persistence and determination to complete more than I have achieved before.
That is an example of a personal development strategy which I
worked out for myself, after much trial and feedback.

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Most other ideas which have made a positive difference to my growth have been learned from others – my personal development mentors and teachers.

This learning from others has taken many different forms.
As with many things, the simplest is often the best and this is no
different. I have probably learned more about personal development from books than any other source. old-book2
Once again, the thinking comes into play. Over the years, I read many great books, but did not really think their contents applied to me – do not ask me why.
When I read now, I am always looking to see how new ideas can best be fitted into my future plans.

It is now so easy to search for and find examples, ideas and
strategies. All the great mentors, teachers and coaches I know are
more than willing to share what has worked for them.
Indeed, the next stage of growth, following real awareness, is the
wish to introduce others to the magic of a successful life.the word success

Success through following personal goal examples.

I would love to know just what you think.

Please leave any questions, comments, opinions or ideas in the box below.





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