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Personal Development Training

Personal Development Training – Find A Mentor And Fly

Why should I need someone else’s help?black and white image of JV
Surely I can manage my personal development training on my own?
Yes, this is true to a degree. Many people do exactly that.
The thing is, most top performers, in any field you can think of, will have got there with the help and guidance of one – or more – personal coaches, mentors, teachers or trainers.
In this article, I will simply use the word mentor, to apply to all the above.

mentorship signpostThere are so many ways in which we can benefit from some kind of interaction with the right mentor at the right time.
Your contact with your mentor can take one or more of a number of different forms. These can range from simply reading their words, through to working together in person, either in groups or perhaps one on one.

Through the wonders of the modern information age, it is possible to study in depth with your mentor, without even leaving your house.
There are print books, pamphlets, ebooks, audio programs, video courses, slide presentations, just to name the first few which come to mind.

In some cases, the first encounter with one type of material – e.g. an ebook – may spark your interest. This can lead you to seek out similar, or more in-depth information, in a different medium.

I have experienced this on a number of occasions.

old-book2It is very common nowadays to be able to obtain really valuable information and guidance in the form of a free ebook or download.

Once this value is appreciated taken on board, it can then be an easy decision to make the effort, to invest time and money, into really getting up close to what your mentor has to offer.

As with any other learning curve, a certain amount of trial and feedback (rather than trial and error), is sometimes necessary.

I have found this to be so, particularly in the case of getting contact with the right mentor at the right time.

image of coach trainer

passing the torch

If you are at the right stage of development for what is on offer, you will find learning easy and real progress comes naturally.

On occasion, I have been a little too ambitious. I have spent time, but luckily not too much money, trying to fit in with mentors whose teachings and philosophies were a little too advanced for me at the time.
I am really looking forward to working with their materials, when my awareness and development have reached the appropriate levels.

One thing which needs some close attention, is to begin to be intuitive about what will be of value to you right now. This intuition is something which will develop quite naturally, when you learn to relax and allow it to do so.

My mission as, a personal development broker, is to bring to your awareness the mentors who have played a part in my own personal growth.

I really look forward to learning what you think.

Please leave any questions, comments, opinions or ideas in the box below.






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