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There are so many ways that we can each learn from other people.

It is not always  necessary to have a formal teacher/student relationship in place.

image of coach trainer

passing the torch

Some would say that this is the ideal and it is probably true.

I, for one, learn from so many individuals that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to have such a relationship with all of them.

As a seeker after truth, I am truly grateful to all those who have been willing to share their   wisdom and knowledge.

In the past, this would have been almost exclusively through their written and published materials. I refer many times to the importance of books in this context.

image of live flames

fire of learning


While these do not decrease in importance, the ready availability of learning materials in other formats, such as  audio and video, has an increasing influence.

To me, one of the wonders of the information age is the easy access to masses of knowledge and wisdom.

With the development of modern business models, much of this information can be accessed for little or no cost. Any teacher, mentor or coach worth his salt, will nowadays provide valuable amounts of material, usually as a taster for what can be made available to students and followers.

It is likely that many people could be happy, developing just as far as such free material could take them. There was a time when I hoped that this would apply to me.

black and white image of JV  The thing is, once we start to appreciate even a small amount of what is possible, then it sometimes becomes necessary
to go deeper into particular aspects of growth, as opposed to continuing to ‘cast the net wide’.

Once the decision is made to study something in greater detail, we often find that freely available material is just not enough. That is when we need to make the effort and choose just who we are going to follow.

I will share knowledge and details of those whom I have found to be of value, as well as keeping up to date with what is of current interest.
One of the first lessons I learned was that once you have the ‘bug’, growth and development will not stop as long as there is breath to keep my body and mind working.

I would be delighted and fascinated to learn what you think.

Please leave any comments, questions, opinions or ideas in the box below.


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