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Why Personal development questions?

black and white image of JVWe first need to accept that without the right questions, any answers we come up with are unlikely to be ideal – possibly not even close.
It is well known that we ‘talk to ourselves’ internally all day long. Just what are the questions we ask ourselves and should we be looking to sharpen them up?

It is said that many people spend more time planning an annual vacation than they do mapping out their lives. However, there is a growing awareness of the advantages of taking charge of one’s own journey through life.

Once we really accept that the ‘the buck stops here’, it is wise to give some thought to exactly what might need to change. Then we can take steps to get to where we want to be.

This same thought process can be applied on both micro and

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personal growth and development

macro levels. On a micro level, we can use development techniques to improve individual aspects of life, physical fitness being a good example.

The overall direction and progress of our life journey can be planned in an exactly similar fashion.

Where am I now – exactly?

While every journey begins with a single step, you first need to be sure exactly where your starting point is. Without this knowledge, it is difficult, if not impossible, to make certain you make even the smallest step in the correct direction.
This first question can be quite easy to answer, in terms of an individual project, such as physical fitness. We simply take some relevant measurements (weight bmi etc.) and decide which of them we wish to change (improve).


In terms of a lifetime plan, ‘where exactly am I’ can be more difficult, but the principal is the same. Decide which aspects of life need to be developed, measure them now, to be sure of an accurate starting out point.
personal developmentIndividuals may vary somewhat, but most of us want to be successful in a number of areas. These will probably include physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial. Most of us would accept that with all those ‘ducks in a row’, we have all we want and need to make us happy.

Where do I want to be?

If knowing exactly where we are can be tricky, deciding in detail, what we want to be, do and have, can be even more so.
I believe that this is where many people can lose the plot.

It seems to be too easy to be overly concerned with what we do not want. The only reason to even briefly consider what is undesirable, is to help in deciding on its opposite, so you can move towards it.

Take the example of a financial situation; there is vast difference between trying to avoid debt and creating abundance. Both involve receiving more and spending less, but the perspective makes one method succeed while the other often fails.

think growth written in chalk on blackboard

personal growth and development

Classic psychology tells us that we attract what we think about, so it is not difficult to see why worrying about debt is a problem, not a solution.

On the physical side, many experts now agree that we should not concentrate on shedding excess weight, but moving toward a leaner, fitter body. Again, same objective, different perspective, followed by different results.

Whether we are thinking about developing one particular aspect of life, or our lifetime journey as a whole, it is helpful to be asking and answering the right personal development questions.

Once we know exactly where we are, and where we want to go, it is simply a matter of working out some stopping-points in between and taking steps toward the first of these.

What do you think?

Please let us know by leaving any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or questions below.

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