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Personal Development Education

Most personal development education does not take place within schools or other conventional learning establishments.JV BW2

Indeed, I know of no places anywhere which have the specific purpose of allowing the ‘person’ to develop into all it can be.

Schools, colleges, universities etc., appear to be designed to restrict personal development within the bounds of what is supposed to be socially desirable.

image of live flames

fire of learning

Many of those rare individuals, who do progress closer to the limits of their capabilities, have found and followed their own particular pathway to enlightenment.

Throughout history, there are examples of these self-taught heroes who have flourished in isolation – often against amazing odds.
There are also instances of people being inspired to seek out mentors and guides, to help them on their journey to greatness.
I believe that the world is now at a stage when we could experience an explosion in the numbers of these ‘seekers’.

The Information Economy

The progress, from industrial to information age, makes the discovery of knowledge and wisdom so easy.
This means that many of us can now go on to real achievement. We can then become the beacons for the next generation of students.

image of coach trainer

passing the torch

As with any journey, our pathway to ‘success, enlightenment, wisdom, greatness’ (or whatever we discover our individual destiny to be) must begin with our knowing exactly where we are now.

There are many signs and signals, usually intuitive, which tell an individual that he is not exactly who or where he wants to be.

The same pointers will usually show what things you do not have, which you believe would make your life better.

Once we can recognize where we are now, we are then in a position to discover where we want to be.

This is in no way as easy as it sounds and is probably at the root of why most of us do not live happy and fulfilled lives.

When you can see clearly where you want to be, it is then merely a matter of working on a map, to show you how to get there and deciding not to quit until you have done so.

life goals mindmap

While these ideas are extremely simple, when I first became aware of them, they were real game-changers.

The difference between what I used to be and what I am becoming was like night and day.

That is a more than apt metaphor, because it really is as if a blind-fold has been removed.  Light as far as the eye can see!

It is not as if I can actually see (other than in my mind), where I am eventually going to be, it is just that I can clearly make out the next step – sometimes even the next two or three steps, and that is all I need.Time To Learn Concept

The thing is, that along the way, I have developed the faith to believe, that as long as I stick to my path, my destiny is certain.

In just the same way that a baby knows, as long as he keeps trying to walk, no matter how many stumbles there are, he will one day stay upright and move across the floor.

I will be fascinated to find out what you think.

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