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old-book2black-books The books you read will have a huge influence on how your life will take shape in the future.

We could compare the mind with a garden; if you pay it no attention and plant no good seeds, what grows there is unlikely to be of much value. Make no mistake here, something will grow. Do not be surprised when it is not what you expect or want.

motivational unrealized potential ahead sign post On the other hand, when you read worthwhile books, you can decide how this ‘garden of the mind’ will grow and develop.

One of the most important decisions you can make is to exercise the freedom of responsibility for your own personal growth and development.

Until this responsibility is recognized and grasped, one’s development is likely to be random. Many people seem to believe that their lives are ruled by circumstances.

This is very much a case of putting the cart before the horse. Once we realize that everything happens for a reason, it is a good idea to try to work out what these reasons are.

human figure breaking chain

Breaking Free

One of the accepted unbreakable laws of the universe is that of cause and effect. When this is understood, it becomes apparent that each effect can itself become a cause.

The interesting thing is to work back logically, sometimes through quite a number of cause/effect relationships. In most, if not all cases, the root cause of any situation can be traced back to your thinking.

What goes on in the mind, and its significance in our lives, can not be overstated.
Thinking and belief is at cause. This is a simple truth and once it is accepted and understood then so much becomes possible.old-book

This is why it is so important to take control of what you feed into this powerhouse we call a mind.

Conventional wisdom has it that there are two major influences on how our minds grow. It would be difficult to determine which should be considered more important, the books we read or the people we associate with.

One wonderful thing I have discovered is that when you read books which uplift and inspire you, it seems to follow that you seek out people who have similar interests. This has the added advantage that the effects of both are compounded.  black and white image of JV

We now know that a decision as simple as what books to read can have a profound effect on the course of our lives.
There are probably thousands of worthwhile books within easy reach of most of us.

Make a decision to read something of a positive nature every day and watch your life change for the better.

I would be delighted to know what you think.

Please leave any questions, comments opinions or ideas in the box below.


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